This is how Drivemark works

1. Download Drivemark

Get DriveMark installed by searching for "DriveMark" at Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Track and Drive

DriveMark automatically stores your driving history. No hassle of opening the app everytime you drive.

3. Score and Analyzed

Collect miles and achieve great driving score. Be proud of it and share to your network.

4. Invite Friends and Family

DriveMark lets you create "Circle" among family and friends. Compare scores with each other, plan trips, car pool or any activities using circles.

Auto Track

DriveMark is intelligent and automatically detects driving.


Get a score based on how you drive on the road.

Get Rewarded

Collect sufficient mileage for access to great rewards.


Be proud of your DriveMark score! Compete it for it, share it!

Drivemark motivates you to drive safer

Be a part of the Social Movement

Download Drivemark Now

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