How DriveMark® Scoring Works

Your score is based on your actual driving behaviour


Download DriveMark® app and registered as a user


The four main elements of scoring are Braking, Acceleration, Speeding, and Cornering.


Aggressive driving identified by the app will affect your DriveMark score.

How Scoring Criteria Works

Your score will be based on four main elements



Keeping a safe distance from the car in front allows for smooth braking.



Smooth driving is good for fuel efficiency and allow others to react to your driving.



Speed is not your friend on the road and it’s a risk to you and others.



Slow down while making a turn. You’ll never know what’s around the corner.


Track Your Trips Automatically

Your trips are automatically tracked and scored. Checkout your weekly trips and your trip history. Track your progress to become a safer driver.

Compete To Be The Safest With Your Friends

Compete To Be The Safest With Your Friends

Add your friends and checkout monthly leaderboards to see whoÔÇÖs leading and how you compare to other drivers in the DriveMark community.

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Every Safe Miles Driven Rewards You!

DriveMark is a community that rewards safe driving. Join regular challenges to win great rewards while encouraging friends and family to be safer on the road.

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