In Malaysia, claiming & replacing damaged car windscreen/windshield from your car insurer is easy-peasy 😉. You do not have to worry about complicated process to replace the cracked/broken windscreen.

Simply follow our step-by-step guide below to get a brand new windscreen fixed onto the car.

This guide is separated into several sections:

  • Section A for Drivers with Windscreen insurance coverage
  • Section B for Drivers without Windscreen insurance coverage.
  • Note: If you are not sure whether you have windscreen coverage or not, please refer your motor insurance cover note, or call your insurer to check.
  • Section C: What to do after my windscreen is replaced?
  • Section D: To ease you, we have also added a list of popular Windscreen Specialists at the end of this article. 😘
Replacing broken windscreen for high end cars. Photos by DSG Auto Glass
Replacing broken windscreen for high end cars. Photos by DSG Auto Glass

Section A: Luckily I have purchased windscreen coverage. How do I claim for windscreen replacement? 😎

If you have a windscreen coverage, the coverage will pay for replacements of the windscreens below:

  • front windscreen
  • back/rear windscreens
  • all door windows and
  • often includes sunroof glass.
Windscreen Insurance Coverage List
Windscreen Insurance Coverage List
  1. To claim for windscreen replacement, you first need to check whether the windscreen specialist is an authorized panel of your insurer. Some big chain windscreen specialists such as AutoGlass and DrCermin are already connected to most motor insurers in Malaysia. However if you are not certain, it is always best contact either:
    • Your insurer for their recommended windscreen repair workshop/panel near to your location
    • The windscreen repair workshop itself and ask if they are a panel of your insurer. You may refer to the list of popular Windscreen repair specialists at the end of this article.
  2. It is important to remind that windscreen replacement must only be done at authorized windscreen specialist that is a panel of your insurer. Otherwise, this will complicate claim process and possibly lead to your claim being rejected.
    • Claiming at panel windscreen specialist: No payment is needed. Your windscreen coverage will pay for the cost of repair/replacements, labor fee, and potentially cost of adding quality solar film/tint film. To ease you, refer to this article for 🚀 Windscreen Coverage Price List (Updated 2020) (ps: do you know that windscreen coverage value for Lamborghini Gallardo is RM40,000?) 😅
    • Claiming at non-panel windscreen specialist: You run the risk of the claim being rejected by your insurer. You may need to pay for the whole cost, or partial cost of repair/replacement, labor fees, and solar film/tint film.
  3. Once you have the confirmation, please prepare the documents below to facilitate claiming process. Bring the documents to the windscreen specialist:
    • Motor insurance policy / cover note
    • NRIC of the insured driver
    • Driving license of the insured driver
    • Vehicle Registration Card (Geran)
    • Original police report (if applicable)
    • If it is a company car, please also bring:
      • Business Company Registration license (Form 9 / 13 / 24 / 49)
      • Company rubber stamp
  4. Once the documents are ready, you need to send the car to the preferred windscreen specialist. There are many out there, so here’s the 🚀 map location to make it easier for you to decide.
  5. Upon arrival, simply tell the workshop that you want to repair/replace the windscreen. The specialist will inspect condition of the windscreen and inform you whether it is repairable, or needing complete replacement.
    • Repairable: Small chips or crack can be repaired using a special resin that fills up airgaps in the glass. The cost to repair is minimal and can be claimed against your windscreen coverage. Since the cost is low, you still have leftover windscreen coverage value. In the event that you need to replace the windscreen in the future, you can still make a claim against the same windscreen coverage, provided that the amount to claim is lower than the leftover coverage value.
    • Replacement needed: If the damage is severe, the windscreen specialist will recommend replacement of the entire windscreen.
  6. Repair or replacement of the windscreen will take roughly 2-3 hours. You can just sit back and relax while the specialists do the needful.
  7. Once everything is done, please read Section C below for some post-installation precautions to make sure that your new windscreen is installed properly and you continue to have adequate windscreen protection.


Replacing windscreen on Toyota Alphard, Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Porsche. Photos by Dr Cermin
Replacing windscreen on Toyota Alphard, Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Porsche. Photos by Dr Cermin

Section B: I do not have windscreen coverage. How do I claim for windscreen replacement? Can ah? 😥

  1. Please do not be sad. We have two news for you. One is good, one is not-so-good.
    • Good news: You can still replace the broken windscreen without being charged. This can be done by making a claim against your comprehensive motor insurance coverage. However there is a caveat…
    • The not-so-good news: If you decide to make a claim against your motor insurance policy to replace your broken windscreen, this will affect your No Claim Discount (NCD).
  2. Should I make a windscreen claim against my insurer, or should I pay to replace the windscreen? Answer: This is where a bit of smarty is needed.
    • If value of NCD next year is higher than the cost to pay for windscreen replacement, then we recommend you to pay for the windscreen replacement.
    • If value of NCD next year is lower than the cost to pay for windscreen replacement, then we recommend you to make a claim and let insurer pay for the windscreen.
  3. How do I calculate for the best, most cost effective outcome? Answer: Let’s say your car insurance premium is at RM2,500 a year, and you already accumulate NCD of 38⅓ %. This means, next year you will get NCD value of 45% if you do not make any claim against the comprehensive motor policy. That would mean your potential saving next year when renewing insurance is RM1,125 (45% of RM2,500).
    • Let’s say the cost to pay for windscreen replacement is RM800 (lower than RM1,125), then it is not wise to make a claim against your comprehensive motor policy.
    • If the cost to pay for windscreen replacement is RM1500 (higher than RM1,125), then it is a good decision to make a claim and let motor insurer pay for the windscreen replacement.
  4. To continue with windscreen replacement, please follow Section A above.
  5. Once you have arrived to the workshop, tell the windscreen specialist that you intent to make a claim against your motor comprehensive insurance policy (if you decided not to pay yourself). Again, we remind you that ⭐️ making a claim to replace windscreen without having a windscreen coverage will affect your future No Claim Discount.


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Section C: What to do after my windscreen is replaced? Do you have any advice?

We have listed a few recommendations for you to follow after getting your windscreen replaced. Here they are:

  1. Follow our guide on 🚀 How to take care of newly replaced windscreen. The guide is written to help you maintain the windscreen in good condition and help prolong its life 🥰.
  2. Renew your windscreen coverage. Once you have replaced with a new windscreen, existing coverage expires. If you want to continue having windscreen protection, we advise you to purchase another windscreen coverage.
  3. Recheck your NCD status after a month or two. Sometimes the windscreen specialist might make a claim against main motor insurance policy. He should instead make a claim against the windscreen policy. Mistakes do happen 😱 . Thus we recommend you to use a 🚀 free NCD check service to prevent you getting a surprise when renewing car insurance next year.

Section D: Popular windscreen replacement specialist workshops in Malaysia

There are many quality, well-known specialists that can help you replace windscreen and make a claim from the insurer.

Here are some of the popular ones:


Branches in Klang Valley – View list of workshops.

Barakah Auto Glass

Main HQ in Johor Bahru – View list of workshops.

CCH Windscreen

Branches in Klang Valley & Penang – View list of workshops.

Dr Cermin

Branches available nationwide – View list of workshops.

DSG Auto Glass

Open in Setapak – View contact information.

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