DriveMark® – Safer Roads Together™ is on a mission to make our roads safer through data insights and impactful engagements.

We are a bunch of 20 and 30-year olds who share a common interest and conviction to reduce road accidents in South East Asia.

In early 2017, DriveMark started as a skunkworks program (homage to Lockheed-Martin’s legendary Advanced Development Programs) initiated by parent company, KATSANA Holdings Sdn Bhd. A 5-person team was formed to explore possibility of using modern smartphone sensors as a proxy to understand driving behavior pattern. The foray into app-based sensors was a departure from our know-how in using telematics hardware to track vehicles.

Within 2 months, DriveMark skunkwork team managed to develop a proof-of-concept mobile telematics app that connects to the powerful KATSANA Platform for data crunching, summarization and behavior analytics. Not so long after that, Malaysian motor insurers took interest into value of data collected by DriveMark, and unique engagement ideas made possible through the app.

Almost immediately, there were requests by motor insurers to white-label DriveMark app and to access driving data. Being drivers ourselves, we postulate there has to be a better way. Privacy should not be sacrificed to prove that you are a safe driver. As a driver, your data should belong to you and you should be the one that decides when, how and what data shared to motor insurers.

We are young, energetic and full of new ideas. We hope that DriveMark will make an impact to reduce road accidents. One life saved is all it takes to make all our efforts worth the toil.

Thank you for using DriveMark. Lets create Safer Roads Together.


DriveMark Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of KATSANA Holdings Sdn Bhd (1087257-D)

First Floor, Lot 2805, Jalan Damansara, 60000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (ADIF)

Teraju, under Prime Minister’s Department (Malaysia)

Platcom Ventures, under Ministry of Finance (Malaysia)


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