About the Position

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Experience: 1 year minimum in Android development + sensors and background services
Mode: Full-time
Answerable to: Head of Engineering, DriveMark Core Systems Department
Note: This position is under DriveMark Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned company of KATSANA Holdings Sdn Bhd.

DriveMark is a rewards ecosystem for safe drivers. Through DriveMark app, it tracks and scores driving behavior, allowing drivers to compete in national ranking to win prizes and fairer motor insurance.

The DriveMark engineering team produces one of the most impactful solutions ever. We are transforming motor insurance by making drivers safer on the road, collecting hundreds of thousands of trips daily and million of kilometers of data.

Position Responsibilities

As a DriveMark Android Mobile Engineer (Core Services), you will be working to improve DriveMark Beacon SDK, a piece of application that is responsible in collecting travel data from mobile phones. You are responsible to continuously improve and execute changes to how we collect, synthesize, and upload trips to DriveMark Platform.

You are also expected to collaborate with iOS team to ensure DriveMark Beacon SDK has feature parity and follow similar architectural principles.

Your primary responsibilities would be:

  • Developing and improving DriveMark Beacon SDK to have better stability across Android smartphone models and OS.
  • Lower energy footprint required for DriveMark Beacon SDK to operate on smartphones
  • Identify and experiment with new data collection methods, travel detection, and travel categorization (own vehicle, public transport, bicycle, motorcycle etc)
  • Work closely with Mobile Quality Assurance Engineers to improve compatibility to ensure SDK runs on as many Android devices & variants as possible
  • Experiment with BLE radio technology to improve travel detection and trip driver identification

Experience in Android processes

We are looking for talents that possess relevant experience below:

  • At least 1 year minimum experience in Android development, including sensors and background services
  • Understanding in background execution on mobile devices
  • App lifecycle (foreground, background, scheduling etc)
  • App architecture

You are expected to be:

  • Methodical in running experimentation
  • Able to document your thought process and development progress
  • Excited in learning new methods and techniques
  • Communicative and able to work well with others

Candidates with the following experience will be highly desirous:

  • Data science or data analysis

Submitting Job Application

To apply for this position, please submit the documents listed below to [email protected]

  • CV or Resume
  • Brief introduction of yourself and motivations to apply for this position
  • Link to Github profile/projects if available
  • Sample of previous projects if available (Preferably in production site)

As a test to ensure only candidates with an eye for detail gets through (and you have read the entire listing), please let us know your favorite city in the email.

DriveMark Product Team