In this article, we will introduce you to what a Personal Accident (PA) Insurance is and how it could actually help you. 🤗❤️

The one thing that none of us could do is to predict what will happen to us in the future. In this case, we could never fully expect when accidents will happen.

However, what we could do is be prepared for situations that come after an accident.

What is a ‘Personal Accident Insurance’?

Personal Accident (PA) Insurance is an annual policy that helps to provide financial security for you or your dependents in the events of your injuries, permanent disabilities, or death caused solely by an accident.
The policy defined these accidents as violent, accidental, sudden, external, and/or visible events. However, the definitions of these accidents may vary from insurer to insurer.

Is it not the same as my medical insurance?

Nope. 🙅

It is very common for many people to mistake PA Insurance providing the same coverages as medical insurance, life insurance, and even SOCSO as well. It sounds similar as it serves the insured person’s bodily injuries. However, PA Insurance is actually dependent on the cause of bodily injuries leading up to permanent disabilities.

As explained earlier, PA Insurance focuses on bodily injuries or death caused solely by accidents that are sudden, violent, and/or unpredicted.
Here is a table to illustrate the differences between PA Insurance and other insurances out there:

Insurance / CoveragesPersonal Accident (PA) InsuranceHealth InsuranceLife InsuranceSOCSO
Type of CoverageMedical costs of the insured person for injuries, permanent disability OR provide funds to beneficiaries upon the insured person’s death caused solely by an accident
Medical or hospital costsFinancial obligations of the insured person should he/she become permanently disabled OR providing funds to his/her beneficiaries upon the insured person’s deathMedical costs caused by work-related accidents
Main BenefitA lump-sum payment to the insured personA sum assured will be paid to the insured person for his treatments (subject to max coverage & conditions)A sum assured will be paid to the insured person or his/her beneficiariesA sum assured will be paid to the insured person based on charged medical costs
Age LimitUp to 70 years oldUp to 80 years oldUp to 80 years oldUp to 57 years old
Premium / FeeBased on total coverage, profession, and hobbiesBased on age, health, lifestyle, location, and dependentsBased on age, total coverage, your medical history, lifestyle, and jobBased on salary
Things That Invalidate ApplicationAge, and certain professions, and/or hobbiesAge and medical history (high risks)Age and certain hobbiesAge, and salary lower than minimum salary for eligibility

Who is this PA Insurance for?

  1. You are a sole breadwinner with dependents
  2. Your employer does not provide PA Insurance
  3. You operate with light machinery at work

Despite the lists above, you do not have to fall into any of the categories to apply for this particular coverage. It is for everyone who wishes to have extra coverage to lighten financial burdens for you and/or your dependents. 💪

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What does it cover?

1. Medical Expenses 💉

A sum assured or a lump-sum will be given to the insured person to cover medical costs to treat injuries (causing permanent disabilities) and disabilities from an accident.

For example, Maria is currently being treated in the hospital after she was hit by a drunk driver while riding her motorcycle to a nearby sundry shop. As a result, she lost her left leg from the accident. Unfortunately, her health insurance was not enough to cover total medical expenses. She can claim from her PA insurance to cover the remaining medical expenses.

2. Permanent/Partial Disability 🤕

A lump-sum will be given to the insured person should his/her disability sustained from an accident affects their day-to-day tasks and/or job.

For example, Zakaria works as a lorry driver and has a wife and 3 children to care for. In this situation, he is the sole breadwinner for his family. One day, he went for a fishing trip with his friends at a river in Sarawak. As he excitedly reels on his fishing rod, he was attacked by a crocodile and lost his right arm! After he has recovered, Zakaria found himself without a job as he had to give up driving. He has the option to claim from his PA Insurance to ease his burdens temporarily from the loss of income due to his disability.

3. Accidental Death 😧🏴

A lump-sum will be given to the beneficiary in the event of the insured person’s death.

For example, Siva was driving back to his university in Taiping one night. It seemed like the normal journey that he usually would go through every month whenever he goes back to his hometown. Unfortunately, Siva drove into a cow that suddenly dashed across the road without a warning. Due to the impact of the accident, it cost him his own life. Siva has previously nominated his mother, Rani, to benefit from his PA Insurance should anything were to happen to him. Rani has the option claim from the insurer for financial assistance due to her son’s death.

What are the requirements?

You can get this monthly coverage for FREE if you drive safe with DriveMark every month.
It provides you with coverage up to RM10,000.
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How do I make a claim?

Just email us at [email protected]  and our team will guide you through the claims process. 🤝🏻

If something happens to me, who can claim on my behalf?

In the event that you cannot make the claim, the person assigned as your beneficiary can email us at [email protected] and our team will guide him/her through the claims process.

You should notify your beneficiary of this program whenever you are awarded this free Personal Accident (PA) Insurance. This is to ensure that they will know what to do when they want to claim from this coverage.

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